The managing director of PANRAIL KG, Mr. Hans Georg Andras, is the linchpin of the organisation’s extensive network of employees and consultants.

After his professional career in the international consulting sector in Brussels and New York, he joined the board of an Austrian investment bank and an international insurance company.

At the beginning of the 90s Mr Andras commenced work as an independent M&A consultant and in the process of selling a locomotive manufacturer he became familiar with the European railway market in 1995.
Hans Georg Andras:  “I discovered the world of railways, which had previously been hidden from me, and which was much more important than I ever realised.”

Subsequently, he became marketing consultant for Fiat Ferroviaria Spa, Turin, the railway division of the Fiat Group specialising in the German speaking market. The fascinating concept of the “Pendolino” tilting train was perfectly suited to the mountainous regions of Germany, Austria and Eastern Europe.

During the introduction phase, Alstom Transport took over the activities of FIAT and continued the developments from Italy. Today, trains based on this principle are in operation throughout Europe.
Hans Georg Andras: “This was our breakthrough in the European consulting business – FIAT’s tilting technology brought demonstrable advantages in train operations to many railway operators”.

The several salient achievements followed : (in chronological order)

  • Joint project achievements in Germany at DB in partnership with Siemens Verkehrstechnik, amongst further companies, followed by Slovenia and the Czech Republic.
  • 2002 – 2014 Takeover of the Austrian representation of Stadler Rail AG, Switzerland (after Fiat Ferroviaria was sold to Alstom).
  • Project success with the Mariazellerbahn “NOEVOG”, Graz-Köflacher Bahn, Steiermärkische Landesbahn and Westbahn GmbH.
  • 1999 Takeover of the representation of Lucchini RS, Italy, the leading manufacturer of wheels and axles for railways in Europe – Development of the business from scratch to the current position of market leadership in Central Europe.
  • 2000 – 2010 Establishment of several representations for Austria in the area of rail vehicle components (doors, toilets, air conditioning, brakes, interior fittings, etc.).
  • 2015 Foundation of PANRAIL Thailand Ltd., Bangkok, in partnership with the B. Grimm Group, a leading Thai corporation, to facilitate the development of the Thai market for metro systems and trains.
  • 2015 Opening of the Honorary Consulate of Chile for Lower Austria and Burgenland.
  • 2015 – 2019 Collaboration in the development of the spare parts business for rail vehicle components for Siemens Mobility in Thailand and the refurbishment business in the area of metro infrastructure.
  • 2016 Takeover of the project-related representation of VAS Voestalpine Schienen GmbH, Leoben-Donawitz, for Brazil and selected (French speaking) markets in Africa.
  • 2016 Start-up of the representation of the Japanese Nabtesco Group, Tokyo and Kobe, for the Rail Vehicle Components division (door systems, brake systems) in Austria.
  • 2018 Foundation of PANRAIL do Brazil, Sao Paulo, together with two Brazilian entrepreneurs, development of the local business for Getzner materials (sleeper coating) and rails for VAS.
  • 2019 Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the cooperation with Lucchini RS in Central Europe with selected key customers.

Hans Georg Andras,
Managing Partner

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