PANRAIL – your knowledgeable railway technology partner

PANRAIL is one of the leading commercial railway technology companies in Central Europe, Brazil and Thailand and specialises in:

  • Track infrastructure with the latest high-tech developments in the field of rails,
  • Switching equipment, signalling and electronic control systems
  • Track Infrastructure
  • Stations with all the requirements of contemporary dynamic mobility
  • Distribution and logistics centres for all types of goods transport, also for container handling and combined transport of all types

In the constantly expanding range of “rolling stock”, PANRAIL can offer, due to its broad experience in diverse marketplaces, planning assistance, preparation of technical and performance specifications for system components or entire systems and management and monitoring of the procurement process for:

  • Locomotives
  • Multiple-unit trains
  • High-Speed Trains
  • The broad spectrum of passenger coaches
  • Cargo wagons

From our beginnings, large railway system houses, manufacturing groups and PANRAIL customers can be counted among our satisfied business partners.
The “business to business” approach has proved to be remarkably successful, for both customers and contractors, facilitating the identification, analysis and development of individual equipment’s and tailored solutions thus building true partnerships with clientele.

Synergy between markets
Most of our partners choose PANRAIL to set up and manage their sales process instead of building up their own and fixed-cost intensive capacities for sales and planning in the regionally different markets that have not yet been served yet.

Focus on quality
PANRAIL cooperates exclusively with proven partners and established providers of products and services, delivering goods of the highest quality

Sharing success with our partners
Our consulting agreements clearly define our quantitative and qualitative objectives.